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To date, no microleakage studies have been done to test this newer obturation material. A unique property of CHX is its substantivity effect up to 72 hours after its removal. No hydrolytic halos were seen around any bacterial colonies or the Lipase PS on the gutta-percha plates.

A new obturation material by Dentsply Tulsa, GuttaCore crosslinked gutta-percha core obturator, has been recently introduced that replaces the plastic core with a crosslinked gutta-percha core. Green fluorescent protein GFP from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria is useful as a bacterial label because the fluorescent marker can be exhibited in the bacterial host without having to use stains.

Due to the intricate nature and inherent complexities associated with canal anatomy, this goal is never completely achieved. One out of 27 GuttaCore samples displayed turbidity, which occurred at day Ninety-five human extracted, single rooted, maxillary, central, lateral, and canine teeth were used to prepare dentin Endodontic thesis specimens.

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Hand and rotary instrumentation was accomplished to a MAF size of The microleakage of Brasseler? These experiences provide the opportunity to participate in physical evaluation of patients and to learn hospital protocol and operating room techniques. It is the aim of this study to determine Endodontic thesis there is any difference in debridement efficacy between sonic and ultrasonic activation of canal irrigation solutions.

Using the consensus scores separately for each of the three locations, the four groups were compared for differences in debris removal scores using a Kruskal-Wallis test, which determines if there are any differences among the four groups. Fresh samples of E.

These results of this research support the use of either of these two devices when compared to the controls.

Passive ultrasonic irrigation is an important adjunct in endodontic therapy that assists in smear layer removal, better debridement of fins and isthmuses, and bacterial elimination. The antibacterial efficacy of a higher concentration of CHX was more effective against E.

When the overall test was significant, Wilcoxon Rank Sum tests were used to compare each pair of groups.

No microleakage was observed in the negative control and microleakage was observed in all four samples in the positive control. Ultimately it was concluded that this experimental design is an ineffective way to evaluate degradation of Resilon and gutta-percha.

A stipend plus tuition waiver will be provided for graduate students in Endodontics during spring semester of year two, and the summer session and fall semester of year three. Its track record of successful use in periodontal procedures encourages investigation of the material for use in regenerative endodontic procedures.

However, one notable finding was that Resilon turned black when exposed to bacteria. Smear layer removal and debridement efficacy was greatly increased when using either sonic or ultrasonic activation of sodium hypochlorite.

A third C or below will result in suspension from the program. Microleakage was observed in all positive controls.

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Must pass a final oral examination. Both of which can greatly cleanse the smear layer from the canal walls. The repeatability in specimen scoring for each examiner was acceptable weighted kappa of 0.

For each membrane, the density of each dot was adjusted for the background by Endodontic thesis the average value of the negative controls on each membrane and then normalized by dividing by the average of the positive controls.

This generated densitometry readings two per membrane, some statistical outliers removed for each cytokine in each group. It has been suggested that Resilon may be susceptible to degradation by microorganisms found in the infected root canal space. The current research on ERRM is limited and warrants further investigation.

These scores were statistically analyzed to determine differences between groups. A novel regenerative endodontic procedure- the revascularization method can now control the infection and enable such teeth to continue root development.

A minimum grade-point average of 3. Upon completion of an introductory course in advanced endodontics utilizing various clinical techniques at the beginning of the first year, students begin to concentrate on perfecting chosen techniques to perform endodontic therapy in clinical practice.

This antibacterial efficacy is dependent on the concentration of the irrigation solution used. An alternative to the conventional methods is now available in the form of regenerative endodontic procedures.

Further research needs to be done to corroborate the microleakage results from this study. This is accomplished during the chemo-mechanical preparation of the canal space.

New sealers have been placed on the market to improve the property of this hermetic seal and decrease the gap between the gutta-percha and dentin wall.

The overall results were inconclusive; and using these methods it cannot be determined that the selected bacteria can degrade Resilon.Volume 34, Issue 1 Special Issue: Statistics and Level of Evidence in Endodontic Research Epidemiology and Treatment of Postā€Treatment Endodontic Disease.

4. Instrumentation of the Root Canal 6 Objectives of Mechanical Instrumentation 6 Reciprocating Instruments 7 5. Micro-Computed Tomagraphy 8 Main Features of Interest 8 Applications in Endodontic Research 8 Root Canal Instrumentation Efficacy 9 6.

I have just received an email alert from the Journal of Endodontics with a list of the top 15 articles that were downloaded from the online version of that prestigious publication in Below, you will find links to the Medline abstracts of these 15 articles.

Endodontic Topics | Pressure has been mounting for clinical dentistry to be based on scientific evidence. However it is increasingly difficult for the practicing dentist to keep up with the. Giovanni Mergoni, Daniela Percudani, Giovanni Lodi, Pio Bertani, Maddalena Manfredi.

The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three years, according to CrossRef.

Endodontic thesis
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