Resourcing and talent planning

For example, the HR Manual requires PBIs to track and report on their workforce composition, specifying the mix of permanent, term, and short-term staff. For example, we noted that one PBI had developed succession plans at the operating team level by using HRB provided demographical data to focus supervisor-employee conversations.

We noted that knowledge management activities are integrated with succession activities to varying degrees reflective of differing business processes between operating groups. Find the bottlenecks and take action to meet the challenge.

Make HR transformation the core of your digital transformation project with your people leading the change in your organization. The system will automate performance management activities, provide a centrally managed learning and development management system, and enable tracking of employee goals and priorities based on development and succession plans.

Our review of operational plans noted numerous portfolios undertaking competency inventorying exercises with the common purpose of addressing current program needs and preparing for future program requirements.

Consideration was also given to related key policies, standards, and directives. We noted that PBIs planned to leverage corporately available resources to further general knowledge management practices complemented by internal, PBI specific mechanisms. This aligns with case study best practices of industry-academia relationships that developed from minor relationships into strategic collaborations and facilitated a pipeline of talent and research ideas.

Audit samples were drawn from across the organization. However, we identified only two of six divisions had divisional workforce plans.

HR hiring that's head & shoulders above the rest.

NRC is in the process of identifying and defining the key positions and roles critical to its success.

Commitments to Excellence reviews, approvals and performance result ratings; visiting worker related approvals; workforce adjustment decisions; official languages hiring considerations and training; job accommodation related approvals; and approvals for training, incentives, and awards.

Our selection methodology incorporated quantitative and qualitative factors including general workforce demographics, retirement eligibility, planned staffing activities, turnover, and other professional judgement informed criteria. It includes a variety of opportunities to grow, but may not take the form of a promotion, such as increased responsibilities or the ability to participate in local and cross-functional initiatives.

Delegated workforce planning related authorities include performance agreement i. The HR Manual includes provisions for various programs supporting succession management including defined apprenticeship guidelines for skilled trades; pre- and post-retirement employment programs enabling workforce transition; and various post-secondary and post-graduate employment and award programs.

Amar and his teams lead the development and execution of talent acquisition strategies to proactively source and recruit top talent in a fast changing world of metals, energy, infrastructure, digital and investment markets.

Near-term oriented objectives reduce management incentive to devote resources to identifying next generation program ideas, future competency needs, and addressing competency gaps thereby increasing the risk of workforce obsolescence.

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Other leading practices we noted include greater involvement with educational institutions by having research staff develop learning programs and instructing classes, including providing open-ware learning courses, to help develop a talent pipeline.

For example, diverse PBI approaches and practices address local management needs but preclude streamlined information consolidation and complicate efforts to manage resources cross-functionally.


We noted communication from senior executives encouraging participation in and soliciting feedback on plans and proposals to revise research staff promotion criteria.

The HRB Hiring Roadmap graphically depicts the various competitive and non-competitive mechanisms available to help hiring managers address succession risks. Our review of PBI succession and related development plans identified local mechanisms including: Measuring employee retention A stability index indicates the retention rate of experienced employees.


Moderate] The Resourcing and talent planning, Human Resources Branch should explore opportunities to adopt automated workforce and succession planning solutions that integrate with their adoption of an integrated talent management system.

NRC has undertaken numerous initiatives to align job descriptions and classifications. Effective workforce and succession planning processes enable organizational responsiveness, to dynamic work environments and government priorities.

Treat people fairly - A perception of unfairness, whatever the management view of the issue, is a major cause of voluntary resignations. Our review of FY operational plans and their HR components identified inconsistent application of HR guidelines with unique PBI approaches to defining workforce needs.

Defend your organisation against penetration by head-hunters and others seeking to attract your staff, for example by refusing to do business with agents who have poached staff in the past.

NRC has active candidate lists, for both corporate and research staff, in the form of collective staffing actions and pre-qualification lists that provide a pool of pre-screened candidates for PBIs to draw on. Clearly defining the lead authority for workforce planning and accountability for HR information standards is a precursor to effective workforce planning.

HR related performance metrics were found to be reflective of local management objectives and generally aligned with corporate performance targets. She has a passion for human resources and community engagement and is eager to further develop her skills. A centrally supported effort would represent better use of limited resources.

Divisions and portfolios were select to obtain representative audit findings to support workforce and succession planning across NRC. We noted opportunities to better leverage information from job search and employment websites to support HR program revisions and improvements.This collection contains content from APQC's strategic workforce planning best practices research, which was conducted with sponsorship from IBM.

The research in this collection illustrates how to staff and structure a workforce planning program, organize the planning and implementation process, and.

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Resourcing and talent planning
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